How to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home

There’s a lot of talk on my blog about my art and my inspirations, but let’s take a moment and discuss what kind of art will work best for your home. For some, interior design can be a daunting task. From color pallets to size and all the extras, there’s a lot to think about when adding new art to your home décor. But it doesn’t have to be a scary task. Here are some pointers to help you find the perfect piece that will tie your whole room together.

The Basics

Size Matters

The first step to deciding what kind of art you want in your home is to take note of the space available. Do you have a wide-open and empty wall? A large statement piece could be just the thing you need to make a big impact on your overall room design. Smaller spaces can still be useful and become perfect homes for smaller pieces.

What is already in play?

When selecting new art for your home, you must also consider what décor is already available in that space. Think about the colors and patterns that are present and look for pieces that complement your décor. Neutral rooms can do well with a bright and vibrant piece to liven things up while busier rooms can be balanced with simpler art.

Room by Room


The kitchen can already be a hectic space. Smaller art would do well here so as not to overwhelm an already potentially cluttered area.


A place for rest and relaxation, the bedroom looks best with art that offers a peaceful vibe. Large scale pieces hung at eye level can be a visual retreat and frames should be minimal at best.


No one wants a boring plain jane office. Spruce it up with your own personal style and flourish it with art that makes you smile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying frame styles and make sure your zoom background is on point for those zoom calls we keep having to go on.


Whether we care to admit it or not, the bathroom is one place we spend a decent amount of time in. Give yourself something pleasant to look at while you’re in there. Bright pieces are recommended for main level bathrooms, while master bathrooms should feature something calming.

Living Room

The living room is where most of our lives happen in our homes. Make sure that the piece you select is a reflection of who you are. A large-scale piece would be a great conversation starter for your guests, while smaller pieces can be put together as in a gallery to reveal the many aspects of your personality.

I hope this helps as a guide while you search for the perfect piece for your home. Take look at our virtual gallery and find the art that will perfectly complement your home.


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